Best Internet Casino Prime Slots Review

Prime Slots Review

Published on Saturday, May 13, 2017 by
Prime Slots Review

Online casinos are so commonplace now that they often just blend into one. There are a lot out there that are so similar and forgettable. That’s why many casinos try to be as unique and original as possible. Prime Slots is certainly a unique casino, and they have a special emphasis on progressive slots games.

We have read mixed things about this casino, and whether it provides what customers want from it. So, we decided to have a look for ourselves, and uncover the mystery that is Prime Slots. Pull up a pew, sit down, and check out what we had to say about this casino.

First Impressions

Much like some of the other online casinos we’ve seen, Prime Slots have gone with the less is more approach. It’s important to make an impression and to try to attract people to the business, and they have set things out in a very basic way. To be fair to them, it does work well, and the site looks attractive enough. Some people might call it plain, but, the slots icons are wonderfully colourful, and these go well with the white background of the site. We get the impression this is a site focusing almost wholly on the games they provide for their customers.


There are the sorts of ubiquitous table games you would expect to find in every online casino. Games like Blackjack, Poker, and Keno are available. But, as you might expect from the name, this casino is all about slots. There are over 150 slot machines available on the site, and you can enjoy some of the newest and best slots games ever. The range of other games is a little limited, but it’s unlikely you would want to be playing anything other than slots games on this site.


As you would imagine from most online casinos these days, Prime Slots has mobile compatibility. Now, you won’t be able to access every single casino game on the mobile version of the casino, but this is pretty standard for most casinos. However, there is a huge range of the Prime Slots games available on the mobile version of the casino. You can scan the QR code to start playing, or you might want to consider downloading the app and getting started right away.

Customer Service

Customer service is where Prime Slots really lets itself, and its customers, down. The online support is painfully average, and the team can be very unresponsive and difficult. Firstly, you will have to sign up to be able to use the online chat function in the first place. Then you will have to deal with vague answers, misinformation, and people not knowing what the rules of the casino are. Contradictory information in abundance, the customer service here leaves a lot to be desired. Until they fix this problem, Prime Slots is never going to be able to compete with the big casinos out there.


The bonuses are not bad at Prime Slots; you can enjoy 10 Free Spins, without needing a deposit. You can also get a €200 Welcome Bonus and Free Spins, the problem is the wagering requirements. They are at around 35x, which doesn’t seem particularly high. But, there are other alarm bells as well, predominantly surrounding the bonus terms. Many have classed them as being predatory, and we can certainly see why after having done some of our homework. For example, slots games only account for 50% of the wagering requirements. Make sure you read the bonus terms very carefully before accepting them.

Verdict: 2/5

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