Best Internet Casino Empire777 Casino Review

Empire777 Casino Review

Published on Sunday, April 2, 2017 by
Empire777 Casino Review

These days there is a plethora of online casinos on the market. Wherever you turn, there seem to be new casinos popping up in every corner of the internet. In fact, typing ‘Online Casinos’ into Google will yield more than 9.5 million results! So, how are you supposed to narrow things down and make the choice that is right for you?

Well, it helps to understand what casinos are trying to do. The ones that are going to catch your eye will be the ones that do something a bit different. Those that offer a unique or special experience, and offer a window into a new experience. Empire777 is one of those casinos trying to offer customers that little bit more, how are they doing?

First Impressions

As first impressions go, this is one of the best online casino websites we’ve seen. The gold and black colour scheme is one of the best we’ve seen and gives a smart and professional edge to the casino. We love the trendy layout and the fact that everything is easy to find and accessible. First impressions play a big part in helping to attract players to a casino. And Empire777 certainly knows how to cast a good first impression. Their site is fantastic and really makes you sit up and take notice; thumbs up from us.


Now onto the games; many casinos have varying games, and offer different amounts of games as well. Choose from hundreds of slots, including the new World Warlords, Golden Eggs, and Luxury Rome. Take the plunge with a staggering array of sensational table games, including, but not limited to, Craps, Luxury Blackjack, Mini-Baccarat, European Roulette, and Texas Hold’Em. You might even consider rubbing shoulders with high-rollers by visiting the amazing 8 Live Casino experiences that Empire777 offers.


Mobile is the future, and mobile casinos are hugely influential these days. In fact, you can’t enjoy the full casino experience these days if you can’t play on your mobile. Fortunately, Empire777 is a casino that scales down wonderfully on a mobile device and lets you keep up your lucky streak even when you’re away from your computer. Enjoy the ultimate casino gaming on the go with the sumptuous, splendiferous, stupendous, Empire777 mobile casino app!

Customer Service

We think that a big part of what makes a casino great is the customer service it provides. Sure, we want to have great games and win big jackpots as well. But, it’s important to make sure you feel needed and valued as a customer. And that’s why it’s important for casinos to place emphasis on making sure their customer service is great. Empire777 offers the usual customer support options: email, telephone, and a 24/7 Live Chat service. They also offer WhatsApp as a tool for support and connectivity as well. The service is second to none; efficient, helpful, and accommodations.


Bonuses are also the area where a casino can really show their worth. It’s so important to incentivise potential customers and get people looking at the benefits of joining a particular casino. Empire777 has five different bonus options for players to use. Firstly there is the 100% Welcome Bonus for new players. Then there is also a 10% Reload Bonus, up to 1.28% in Weekly Rebate bonuses, 3% from your friends winning at the casino, and a 1% bonus on every deposit. There are more than enough bonuses here to sate the appetites of a lot of the players. Make sure you take full advantage when you sign up.

Verdict: 5/5

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